Class JcrCalendarDao

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    public class JcrCalendarDao
    extends org.jcrom.dao.AbstractJcrDAO<JcrCalendar>
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        entityClass, isVersionable, jcrom, mixinTypes, session
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      JcrCalendarDao​(javax.jcr.Session session, org.jcrom.Jcrom jcrom)  
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      List<JcrCalendar> findByUid​(String path, String uid)  
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    • Constructor Detail

      • JcrCalendarDao

        public JcrCalendarDao​(javax.jcr.Session session,
                              org.jcrom.Jcrom jcrom)
        session - a repository session
        jcrom - a JCROM instance
    • Method Detail

      • findByUid

        public List<JcrCalendar> findByUid​(String path,
                                           String uid)
        path - a root repository path
        uid - a calendar UID
        a list of calendars with the specified UID