Class CalendarParserImpl

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    public class CalendarParserImpl
    extends Object
    implements CalendarParser
      Created [Nov 5, 2004]

    The default implementation of a calendar parser.

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      • CalendarParserImpl

        public CalendarParserImpl()
      • CalendarParserImpl

        public CalendarParserImpl​(boolean absorbWhitespaceEnabled)
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      • parse

        public final void parse​(Reader in,
                                ContentHandler handler)
                         throws IOException,
        Parse the iCalendar data from the specified reader.
        Specified by:
        parse in interface CalendarParser
        in - a reader from which to read iCalendar data
        handler - the content handler to notify during parsing
        IOException - thrown when unable to read from the specified reader
        ParserException - thrown if an error occurs during parsing