Class Display

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Comparable<Parameter>, Encodable

    public class Display
    extends Parameter
    implements Encodable
     Parameter Name:  DISPLAY
     Purpose:  To specify different ways in which an image for a calendar
     or component can be displayed.
     Format Definition:  This property parameter is defined by the
     following notation:
     displayparam = "DISPLAY" "=" displayval *("," displayval)
     displayval =   ("BADGE" /    ; image inline with the title of the
                                  ; event
                     "GRAPHIC" /  ; a full image replacement for the event
                                  ; itself
                     "FULLSIZE /  ; an image that is used to enhance the
                                  ; event
                     "THUMBNAIL / ; a smaller variant of "FULLSIZE" to be
                                  ; used when space for the image is
                                  ; constrained
                     x-name /     ; Experimental type
                     iana-token)  ; Other IANA registered type
                                  ; Default is BADGE
     Description:  This property parameter MAY be specified on "IMAGE"
     properties.  In the absence of this parameter, the value "BADGE"
     MUST be used for the default behavior.  The value determines how a
     client ought to present an image supplied in iCalendar data to the
     Values for this parameter are registered with IANA as per
     Section 8.3.  New values can be added to this registry following
     the procedure outlined in Section 8.2.1 of [RFC5545].
     Servers and clients MUST handle x-name and iana-token values they
     don't recognize by not displaying any image at all.
    See Also:
    Serialized Form
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        public Display​(String value)
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        public String getValue()
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        getValue in class Content
        the content value