Class RandomUidGenerator

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    public class RandomUidGenerator
    extends Object
    implements UidGenerator
    Extract from RFC7986:
     The description of the "UID" property in [RFC5545] contains some
     recommendations on how the value can be constructed.  In particular,
     it suggests use of host names, IP addresses, and domain names to
     construct the value.  However, this is no longer considered good
     practice, particularly from a security and privacy standpoint, since
     use of such values can leak key information about a calendar user or
     their client and network environment.  This specification updates
     [RFC5545] by stating that "UID" values MUST NOT include any data that
     might identify a user, host, domain, or any other security- or
     privacy-sensitive information.  It is RECOMMENDED that calendar user
     agents now generate "UID" values that are hex-encoded random
     Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) values as defined in
     Sections 4.4 and 4.5 of [RFC4122].
     The following is an example of such a property value:
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      • RandomUidGenerator

        public RandomUidGenerator()
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      • generateUid

        public Uid generateUid()
        Specified by:
        generateUid in interface UidGenerator
        a unique component identifier