Class TimeZones

  • public final class TimeZones
    extends Object
    $Id$ [5/07/2004] Utility methods relevant to Java timezones.
    • Method Detail

      • isUtc

        public static boolean isUtc​(TimeZone timezone)
        Indicates whether the specified timezone is equivalent to UTC time.
        timezone - a timezone instance
        true if the timezone is UTC time, otherwise false
      • getDefault

        public static TimeZone getDefault()
      • getDateTimeZone

        public static TimeZone getDateTimeZone()
        Although timezones are not really applicable to DATE instances in iCalendar, the implementation in iCal4j requires the use of a timezone. Dates in iCal4j may be either "floating", in that they use the default Java timezone, or alternatively will use UTC (this is the default). The use of floating dates may be configured by specifying the following as a system property or in a file called "" in the classpath:
        the timezone used for date instances
      • getUtcTimeZone

        public static TimeZone getUtcTimeZone()
        Get the UTC Timezone.