Class Email

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Comparable<Parameter>, Encodable

    public class Email
    extends Parameter
    implements Encodable
    From specification:
      Parameter Name:  EMAIL
      Purpose:  To specify an email address that is used to identify or
      contact an organizer or attendee.
      Format Definition:  This property parameter is defined by the
      following notation:
      emailparam = "EMAIL" "=" param-value
      Description:  This property parameter MAY be specified on "ORGANIZER"
      or "ATTENDEE" properties.  This property can be used in situations
      where the calendar user address value of "ORGANIZER" and
      "ATTENDEE" properties is not likely to be an identifier that
      recipients of scheduling messages could use to match the calendar
      user with, for example, an address book entry.  The value of this
      property is an email address that can easily be matched by
      recipients.  Recipients can also use this value as an alternative
      means of contacting the calendar user via email.  If a recipient's
      calendar user agent allows the recipient to save contact
      information based on the "ORGANIZER" or "ATTENDEE" properties,
      those calendar user agents SHOULD use any "EMAIL" property
      parameter value for the email address of the contact over any
      mailto: calendar user address specified as the value of the
      property.  Calendar user agents SHOULD NOT include an "EMAIL"
      property parameter when its value matches the calendar user
      address specified as the value of the property.
      ATTENDEE;CN=Cyrus Daboo;
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        public Email​(String address)
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        public String getValue()
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        getValue in class Content
        the content value