Class Feature

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Comparable<Parameter>, Encodable

    public class Feature
    extends Parameter
    implements Encodable
     Parameter Name:  FEATURE
      Purpose:  To specify a feature or features of a conference or
      broadcast system.
      Format Definition:  This property parameter is defined by the
      following notation:
      featureparam = "FEATURE" "=" featuretext *("," featuretext)
      featuretext  =  ("AUDIO" /     ; Audio capability
      "CHAT" /      ; Chat or instant messaging
      "FEED" /      ; Blog or Atom feed
      "MODERATOR" / ; Moderator dial-in code
      "PHONE" /     ; Phone conference
      "SCREEN" /    ; Screen sharing
      "VIDEO" /     ; Video capability
      x-name /      ; Experimental type
      iana-token)   ; Other IANA registered type
      Description:  This property parameter MAY be specified on the
      "CONFERENCE" property.  Multiple values can be specified.  The
      "MODERATOR" value is used to indicate that the property value is
      specific to the owner/initiator of the conference and contains a
      URI that "activates" the system (e.g., a "moderator" access code
      for a phone conference system that is different from the "regular"
      access code).
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      • Feature

        public Feature​(String value)
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        public String getValue()
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        getValue in class Content
        the content value