Class TimeZone

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Cloneable

    public class TimeZone
    extends TimeZone

    Created on 13/09/2005

    A Java timezone implementation based on an underlying VTimeZone definition.

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    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • TimeZone

        public TimeZone​(VTimeZone vTimeZone)
        Constructs a new instance based on the specified VTimeZone.
        vTimeZone - a VTIMEZONE object instance
      • TimeZone

        public TimeZone​(VTimeZone vTimeZone,
                        boolean negativeDstSupported)
    • Method Detail

      • getOffset

        public final int getOffset​(int era,
                                   int year,
                                   int month,
                                   int dayOfMonth,
                                   int dayOfWeek,
                                   int milliseconds)
        Specified by:
        getOffset in class TimeZone
      • getOffset

        public int getOffset​(long date)
        getOffset in class TimeZone
      • inDaylightTime

        public final boolean inDaylightTime​(Date date)
        Determines if the specified date is in daylight time according to this timezone. This is done by finding the latest supporting observance for the specified date and identifying whether it is daylight time.
        Specified by:
        inDaylightTime in class TimeZone
        date - a date instance
        true if the specified date is in daylight time, otherwise false
      • setRawOffset

        public final void setRawOffset​(int offsetMillis)
        Specified by:
        setRawOffset in class TimeZone
      • getVTimeZone

        public final VTimeZone getVTimeZone()
        Returns the VTimeZone backing this instance.
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object