Class VResource

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, FluentComponent, PropertyContainer, PropertyListAccessor

    public class VResource
    extends Component
    $Id$ [May 1 2017] Defines an iCalendar VRESOURCE component.
     Component name:  VRESOURCE
     Purpose:  This component provides a typed reference to external
     information about a resource or optionally a plain text typed
     value.  Typically a resource is anything that might be required or
     used by a calendar entity and possibly has a directory entry.
     Conformance:  This component can be specified multiple times in a
     calendar component.
     Description:  When used in a component this component provides
     information about resources used for the event such as rooms,
     projectors, conferencing capabilities.
     The RESOURCE-TYPE value registry provides a place in which
     resource types may be registered.
     STRUCTURED-DATA properties if present may refer to representations
     of the resource - such as a vCard.
     Format Definition:
     This component is defined by the following notation:
     resourcec    = "BEGIN" ":" "VRESOURCE" CRLF
                    "END" ":" "VRESOURCE" CRLF
     resprop      = ; the elements herein may appear in any order,
                    ; and the order is not significant.
     The NAME property is defined in [RFC7986]
    See Also:
    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • VResource

        public VResource()
        Default constructor.
      • VResource

        public VResource​(PropertyList properties)
        properties - a list of properties
    • Method Detail

      • getDescription

        public final Optional<Description> getDescription()
        Returns the optional description property.
        the DESCRIPTION property or null if not specified
      • getGeo

        public final Optional<Geo> getGeo()
        the optional geo property for a vresource
      • getResourceType

        public Optional<ResourceType> getResourceType()
        Returns the optional ResourceType property.
        the ResourceType property or null if not specified
      • getNameProp

        public final Optional<Name> getNameProp()
        the optional name property for a vresource
      • getUid

        public final Optional<Uid> getUid()
        Returns the UID property of this component if available.
        a Uid instance, or null if no UID property exists
      • getStructuredData

        public final List<Property> getStructuredData()
        the optional structured data properties