Class VVenue

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, FluentComponent, PropertyContainer, PropertyListAccessor

    public class VVenue
    extends CalendarComponent
    see VLocation as a replacement.
    $Id $ [Apr 5, 2004] Defines an iCalendar VVENUE component.
     4.  Venue Component
        Component Name: "VVENUE"
        Purpose: Provide a grouping of component properties that describe an
        event venue.
        Format Definition: A "VVENUE" calendar component is defined by the
        following notation:
          venuec  = "BEGIN" ":" "VVENUE" CRLF
                  "END" ":" "VVENUE" CRLF
          venueprop  = *(
                    ; the following are all REQUIRED,
                    ; but MUST NOT occur more than once
                    ; the following are optional,
                    ; but MUST NOT occur more than once
                    name / description / street-address / extended-address /
                    locality / region / country / postal-code / tzid / geo /
                    location-type / categories
                    ; the following are optional,
                    ; and MAY occur more than once
                    tel / url
        Description: A "VVENUE" calendar component is a grouping of component
        properties that represent a venue where an event occurs.  This
        extends the "LOCATION" property of "VEVENT" and "TODO" components,
        providing the ability to specify detailed information about the event
    See Also:
    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • VVenue

        public VVenue()
        Default constructor.
      • VVenue

        public VVenue​(PropertyList properties)
        Constructs a new instance containing the specified properties.
        properties - a list of properties