Class DateProperty<T extends Temporal>

    • Constructor Detail

      • DateProperty

        public DateProperty​(String name,
                            ParameterList parameters)
        name - the property name
        parameters - a list of initial parameters
      • DateProperty

        public DateProperty​(String name)
        name - the property name
    • Method Detail

      • getDate

        public T getDate()
        This method will attempt to dynamically cast the internal Temporal value to the required return value. e.g. LocalDate localDate = dateProperty.getDate();
        Returns the date.
      • setDate

        public void setDate​(T date)
        Sets the date value of this property. The timezone and value of this instance will also be updated accordingly.
        date - The date to set.
      • getValue

        public String getValue()
        Specified by:
        getValue in class Content
        the content value
      • setTimeZoneRegistry

        public void setTimeZoneRegistry​(TimeZoneRegistry timeZoneRegistry)
      • setDefaultTimeZone

        public void setDefaultTimeZone​(ZoneId defaultTimeZone)
        A default timezone may be specified for interpreting floating DATE-TIME values. In the absence of a default timezone the system default timezone will be used.
        defaultTimeZone - a timezone identifier
      • isUtc

        public final boolean isUtc()
        Indicates whether the current date value is specified in UTC time.
        true if the property is in UTC time, otherwise false