Class FreeBusy

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Comparable<Property>, FluentProperty

    public class FreeBusy
    extends Property

    Created: [Apr 14, 2004]

    Defines a FREEBUSY iCalendar component property.
 Free/Busy Time
            Property Name: FREEBUSY
            Purpose: The property defines one or more free or busy time
            Value Type: PERIOD. The date and time values MUST be in an UTC time
            Property Parameters: Non-standard or free/busy time type property
            parameters can be specified on this property.
            Conformance: The property can be specified in a "VFREEBUSY" calendar
            Property Parameter: "FBTYPE" and non-standard parameters can be
            specified on this property.
            Description: These time periods can be specified as either a start
            and end date-time or a start date-time and duration. The date and
            time MUST be a UTC time format.
            "FREEBUSY" properties within the "VFREEBUSY" calendar component
            SHOULD be sorted in ascending order, based on start time and then end
            time, with the earliest periods first.
            The "FREEBUSY" property can specify more than one value, separated by
            the COMMA character (US-ASCII decimal 44). In such cases, the
            "FREEBUSY" property values SHOULD all be of the same "FBTYPE"
            property parameter type (e.g., all values of a particular "FBTYPE"
            listed together in a single property).
            Format Definition: The property is defined by the following notation:
              freebusy   = "FREEBUSY" fbparam ":" fbvalue
              fbparam    = *(
                         ; the following is optional,
                         ; but MUST NOT occur more than once
                         (";" fbtypeparam) /
                         ; the following is optional,
                         ; and MAY occur more than once
                         (";" xparam)
              fbvalue    = period *["," period]
              ;Time value MUST be in the UTC time format.
    See Also:
    Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • FreeBusy

        public FreeBusy()
        Default constructor.
      • FreeBusy

        public FreeBusy​(String aValue)
        aValue - a freebusy value
      • FreeBusy

        public FreeBusy​(ParameterList aList,
                        String aValue)
        aList - a list of parameters for this component
        aValue - a value string for this component
      • FreeBusy

        public FreeBusy​(List<org.threeten.extra.Interval> pList)
        pList - a list of periods
      • FreeBusy

        public FreeBusy​(ParameterList aList,
                        List<org.threeten.extra.Interval> pList)
        aList - a list of parameters for this component
        pList - a list of periods
    • Method Detail

      • getIntervals

        public final List<org.threeten.extra.Interval> getIntervals()
        Returns the periods.
      • setValue

        public final void setValue​(String aValue)
        Sets the current value of the property.
        Specified by:
        setValue in class Property
        aValue - a string representation of the property value
      • getValue

        public final String getValue()
        Specified by:
        getValue in class Content
        the content value
      • newFactory

        protected PropertyFactory<FreeBusy> newFactory()
        Description copied from class: Property
        Returns a new property factory used to create deep copies.
        Specified by:
        newFactory in class Property
        a property factory instance